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At Radiance Smiles we use the DaVinci Professional Teeth Whitening System to lighten your teeth up to 14 shades.

Professional whitening gel is applied to the teeth, an LED laser light is positioned in front of the teeth, and you relax in a massage chair for one hour. Now, rinse and "Ready, Set, Sparkle!"

After each session, clients can purchase take-home kits to continue their whitening efforts in the comfort of their own homes.

Teeth Whitening Services

Services In Studio                                                           Services At Home or Office

30 Minute Whitening     $99                                                           60 Minute Whitening   $179

60 Minute Whitening      $199                                                        Book With a Friend- 60 Minute Whitening    $129/pp

Book with a Friend- 60 Minute Whitening     $99/pp                   Book a Party of 5 or more    $99/pp + host receives free

Desensitizing and Remineralizing Treatment    $10                                       whitening

 Whitening Home Maintenance

Brush Applicator Laser Gel- 1 ml        $33                       Professional Home Maintenance & Whitening Kit  $45

17% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide gel with brush applicator tip              35% Carbamide Peroxide 10ml syringe whitening gel, whitening 

All Natural Plant & Mineral Based with enamel building qualities              tray, tray case, tooth shade card, and instructions

Enough for 4 whitening applications                                                               Up to 12 month supply depending on usage

Purest form of whitening gel on the market                                         Allows clients to whiten or maintain their laser whitening results

Teeth Whitening Maintenance Pen -2.5 ml     $45

35% Carbamide Peroxide

120 Applications

Easy and convenient way to aid in the prevention of stains and

prolong whitening results after laser whitening treatment

We want your smile to sparkle and shine. More importantly, we want you to be proud to show off those pearly whites. Our products are safe for all smiles, even those with sensitivities to other whitening systems. In addition to leaving with a refreshed smile, you'll be relaxed and ready to take on the world.

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